Practical Ultra-Low Power EndpointAI

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Practical EndpointAI is here - Ambiq's Apollo4 Family of AI-capable devices enable high-performance AI capabilities while sipping power. Explore how to bring Speech UI, intelligent activity recognition, and real-time health analytics to your endpoint products.


Introducing AI at Ambiq

Learn the basics of how to use neuralSPOT to add AI features to your Apollo4 Plus applications, including how to integrate Tensorflow Lite for Microcontrollers, how feed sensor data to your AI models, and how to optimize for maximum performance at the lowest power possible..

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Welcome to neuralSPOT

neuralSPOT is an AI-focused ADK (AI Development Kit) and toolkit which makes using Apollo4's hardware capabilities easier than ever. neuralSPOT takes care of embedded platform details, letting your data scientists focus on AI.

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Ambiq ModelZoo

Ambiq's AI Model Zoo is a library of reference AI models optimized for Apollo4 Plus, including Speech UI, sound classification and processing, activity recognition, and more.

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Full Performance, Ludicrously Low Power

Apollo4 is incredibly power-efficient, and our benchmarks show it. Explore our AI benchmark results and learn how replicate them using our open-source benchmark repository.

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