12 November 2022

NeuralSPOT Features

Developer Guides

This is a detailed list of the features spread out over neuralSPOT. If you'd like to see a new feature, please file an issue on the repo.

Supported Hardware and Software

Generally, neuralSPOT will maintain support for the last 2 versions of AmbiqSuite, and will stay within 3 months of TFLM's latest releases.


External Component Versions Notes
AmbiqSuite 4.1.0, 4.3.0 See Release Notes
Tensorflow Lite for Microcontrollers 2.3.1, c046d6e
Embedded RPC 1.9.1 Ambiq Fork Please use this fork.


Hardware Support Type Notes
Apollo4P_evb Ambiq EVB
Apollo4B_evb Ambiq EVB See Release Notes
Apollo4P_blue_kbr_evb Ambiq EVB Coming soon
Apollo4P_blue_kxr_evb Ambiq EVB Coming soon
MPU6050 Invensense 6D accelerometer i2c support
MAX86150 Invensense ECG single-lead sensor i2c support

Examples and Projects

neuralSPOT includes examples and projects. Examples are built entirely on neuralSPOT's libraries and components, and are meant to showcase neuralSPOT's features. Projects, on the other hand, are meant as demonstrations of how to integrate externally generated AI components (from EdgeImpulse, for exa


Example Description
basic_tf_stub neuralSPOT’s primary example, this audio-based AI model showcases Tensorflow integration, audio sampling and feature extraction, RPC, IPC, and more. It is used as the ‘egg’ for neuralSPOT nests.
mpu_data_collection Shows how to configure and read sensor values from the MPU6050, and how to use RPC to send those values to a PC. This is useful for creating accelerometer/gyroscope datasets, for example.
rpc_client Shows how to use ns-rpc when the EVB is a client and the PC is the server to collect audio data from the AUDADC and dump it into a WAV file (useful for generating audio datasets). In this configuration, the EVB calls remote procedures and the PC executes those procedures . This example is designed to work with generic_data.py (part of ns-rpc), a python script running on the PC that can be run as server or client.
rpc_server Shows how to use ns-rpc when the EVB is the server and the PC is the client. In this configuration, the PC calls remote procedures and the EVB executes those procedures . This example is designed to work with generic_data.py (part of ns-rpc), a python script running on the PC that can be run as server or client.


Project Description
ei_basic_example Shows how to integrate an EdgeImpulse model exported as generic C++ to neuralSPOT
ei_anomaly_detection Shows a practical fan speed anomaly detector built in EdgeImpulse and using MPU6050 data collected using our MPU data collector.
ei_yes_no Shows a continuous inference audio model detecting whether ‘yes’ or ‘no’ was spoken, built in EdgeImpulse and using neuralSPOT’s libraries including low powerAUDADC audio sampling.
hello_ambiq (WIP) Shows a continuous inference audio model detecting whether ‘hello Ambiq’ was spoken, built in EdgeImpulse using transfer learning and using neuralSPOT’s libraries including AUDADC audio sampling.


Library Location Description Usage Guide
ns_audio ns-audio AUDADC (low power analog audio input) configuration and audio sampling. Here
ns_audio_mfcc ns-audio Mel Spectrogram Feature Extraction Here
ns_malloc ns-utils malloc/free implementation Here
ns_timer ns-utils Reading Apollo4 clocks and setting periodic interrupts Here
ns_power_profile ns-utils Prints power-relevant register configuration for expert analysis Here
ns_energy_monitor ns-utils Utility for marking regions of interest for external power monitors Here
ns_cache_profile ns-utils Prints cache utilization statistics Here
ns_peripherals_power ns-peripherals Optimized, customizable Apollo4 power configuration for common AI applications. Here
ns_peripherals_button ns-peripherals Utility for reading EVB buttons via ISRs Here
ns_peripherals_led ns-peripherals Utility for controlling EVB LEDs Here
ns_i2c_register_driver ns-i2c Generic Apollo4 i2c driver Here
ns_mpu6050_i2c_driver ns-i2c Minimal MPU6050 driver Here
ns_max86150_i2c_driver ns-i2c MAX86150 driver Here
ns_rpc_generic_data ns-rpc A generic data RPC implementation offering both client and server modes for sending blocks of data, computing on a block a data and getting a result, and printing remote message. Here
ns_ambiqsuite_harness ns-harness Wrappers for common AmbiqSuite operations such as printing, deep-sleep compatible printing, adding delays, etc. Here
ns_debug_log ns-harness Implementation of printf for Tensorflow debug prints Here
ns_usb ns-usb TinyUSB CDC (TTY) driver for USB port 1. Here
ns_ipc_ring_buffer ns-ipc Ring buffer IPC mechanism for getting peripheral data into AI applications Here